The New StoreVirtual 4335 – Performance (Hybrid Flash) meets Simplicity and Scalability

The Storevirtual 4335 Hybrid node is the latest addition to the Storevirtual family bringing with it the performance benefits of flash.   Leveraging the Adaptive Optimisation feature built into the Lefthand OS, the StoreVirtual 4335 goes beyond just leveraging flash as a read cache by automatically placing the most active data into a highly available flash tier servicing BOTH reads and writes making performance more predictable and suited to a much wider range of workloads.   The Adaptive Optimisation feature holds true to the Storevirtual ethos of simple, scalable and highly available, with no complex configuration or administration required.  Simply turn it on and the software does the rest, providing 35K IOPs per node with linear performance increase as more nodes are added.

This solution is ideal for:

  • Existing customers who enjoy the simplicity and hands off approach that StoreVirtual brings but would like to take advantage of the performance benefits of SSD.
  • New customers who want a self-installable, simple to administer, high performance and highly available SAN.
  • Customers looking at stretched clustering for continuous availability and automatic failover between, building, campuses or data centres.
  • Virtualisation, Database, Messaging and VDI


  • With 3 x 400GB SSDs and 7 x 900GB 10K SAS disks, each node provides a total of 5.7TB Usable
  • SSD capacity represents approx. 15% of total usable capacity with approx. 750GB usable SSD capacity per node.  This should suit most environments where the working data set is typically less than 20% of the total data set.  For larger working sets, either additional nodes can be added or different platform can be considered (e.g 100% All Flash systems such as a 3Par)
  • A minimum of 2 x Nodes are required to start a redundant cluster which can then be scaled one node at a time.
  • As each node comes with 2 x 10Gb iSCSI ports, a minimum of 4 x 10Gb ports are required to start a new cluster, with an additional 2 x ports required for every additional node.  For this reason it may make sense to look at a dedicated 10Gb switch for ISCSI connectivity of which HP have a number of cost effective options.

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