The New HDS Unified Storage (HUS) Disk Subsystem Family is the new Mid-Range Class Leader

With an unbeatable combination of features that deliver across all the key requirements (reliability, scalability, performance, functionality, ease of management, and cost effectiveness), HDS has managed to set a new benchmark for mid-range disk subsystems.

Utilising the same management framework (Command Suite) as the rest of the portfolio, and many of the capabilities of the enterprise offerings (including virtualization), HDS has released a powerful new midrange storage offering with formidable properties, which include:

  • Comprehensive and integrated management for block, file and object data
  • No single point of failure
  • Pervasive data protection and replication tools to reduce business risk, downtime and migration concerns
  • Automated data management with dynamic provisioning and auto-tiering
  • Dynamic load balancing (a unique HDS feature amongst mid-range systems) provides:
    • Controller failover capabilities
    • Balanced performance regardless of the LUN mappings against controllers
    • Eliminates the tedious assignment of LUN ownership and the need to manually rebalance the LUN ownership when workloads change
  • Virtualisation capabilities that enables centralized management of multiple (and dissimilar) disk sub-systems.
  • Scalability for capacity, performance, file systems and volumes

Lynx Technologies is the Australian Distributor for HDS.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the new HDS HUS’ capabilities, and/or for assistance with solutioning against your customers’ requirements.

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