Lynx can Help you Win with HP’s Extensive Disk Portfolio

HP now has its most complete portfolio of disk offerings spanning:

  • Direct attach (P2000)
  • NAS (X Series)
  • Backup to disk (D2D)
  • SAN (P2000, P4000, EVA and 3Par).

Disk product families that span requirements ranging from SMBs to corporates, with solutions to also meet specialist needs. Offerings that vary in their balance between simplicity and flexibility, cost-effective packaging and scalability, and performance versus cost-effective capacity.

Each end-user has their specific requirements and priorities, and matching these against the various solution offerings often requires a deeper understanding of the technologies and their characteristics.

Lynx Technologies continually maintains the highest level of capabilities to enable our Reseller partners to compete, by providing optimal solutions for each requirement. We can provide:

  • back-end technical and solutioning capabilities
  • onsite pre-sales resources
  • demonstrations / proof-of-concept (at the HP facility if you wish)
  • competitive deal pricing

Disk is a competitive market with formidable focused participants, and a mix of technologies that can confuse. Add pricing vagaries into the mix, and it can get pretty challenging. Lynx can uniquely enable you (our Reseller partners) to participate successfully in this space.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email us for assistance. 

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