HPE Primera … an easy to manage performance beast!

HPE Primera is a new enterprise class high performance, easy to manage storage solution, backed by a 100% up-time guarantee. Incorporating massively-parallel design, a unique containerized service upgrade process, and expanded AI-driven Infosight management, HPE Primera is a breakthrough in enterprise storage.

HPE’s new Primera is a unique enterprise class tier 0 array, with features that include:

  • Symmetric Active/Active on the front-end and back-end
  • Customer installable (Rack to Apps in 20 mins)
  • Customer HW upgradable/serviceable (Nodes, Adapters, Drives, Enclosures, Power Supplies, I/O Modules, Cables, SFP)
  • Data in-place HW upgrades
  • User driven SW updates (5 mins)
  • AI Driven intelligence with embedded algorithms and recommendations from InfoSight
  • Multiple HW Acceleration engines (ASIC) per node with point-to-point non-blocking connectivity for massive parallelisation required for NVMe and NVM-oF
  • No need for separate Service Processor
  • Onboard Element Manager
  • Sea of data sensors – New SW design allows for a ton of sensors for monitoring, alerting, hot spot and IO outlier detection, system headroom, and recommendations.
A630/C630 (Base unit 24 drives) , A650/C650 (Base unit 24 or 48 drives) & A670/C670 (Base unit 24 or 48 drives)

Some of Primera’s architectural properties that ensure consistent performance at scale include:

  • Gen 6 ASIC acceleration which avoids CPU and DRAM based bottlenecks
  • Unified cache, with no separate control and data caches. Primera will dynamically adjust the read/write cache allocation based on workload demands.
  • RAID 6 … the only drive failure protection option. As capacity is added the Primera OS dynamically changes the RAID configuration, while prioritizing user I/O over internal tasks.
  • Primera supports inline deduplication as well as compression. The Primera OS will run dedupe and compression in the X86 CPUs, the ASIC or the QAT; whichever best supports consistent performance under load.
  • Virtual storage volumes can be thinly-provisioned or thinly-provisioned with deduplication and compression turned on.

Primera comes with a Timeless Storage business model, which has all inclusive SW packaging, flat support pricing forever, a node refresh every 3 years without the need to renew Timeless for 3 more years, media trade-in credits, and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee as well as a 100 percent data availability guarantee. HPE will provide a credit of up to 20 percent of the initial purchase price every time data is not available!

The Primera OS has NVMe over Fabrics and Optane support implemented, and it will be turned on once the technologies are beyond the experimental stage (once the VMware and Windows NVMe-oF drivers have matured).

The unique containerised service upgrade process of the HPE Primera is designed to handle the IO load of NVMe-oF and SCM, and simplifies and ensures ongoing enhancements.

Please call us to discuss your client’s storage requirements.

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