HPE InfoSight Now Available on 3PAR

HPE has extended the capabilities of InfoSight by introducing the first release for 3PAR, with the ability to resolve performance problems and pinpoint the root cause of issues between storage and host virtual machines (VMs). 

HPE has taken advantage of 3PAR’s inherent sensor data for collecting telemetry data capabilities to rapidly port the revolutionary capabilities of InfoSight from Nimble to 3PAR. InfoSight ingests millions of sensor data points every second and utilizes cloud-based machine learning to draw out predictions and recommendations for each customer’s unique systems, applications and workloads. It provides visibility into the stack to provide artificial intelligence- and machine learning-informed real-time optimizations to drive higher performance, better availability, lower cost, and improved system-level efficiencies.   

To get InfoSight up and running with 3PAR, a minimum of 3PAR OS version 2.2.x and Service Processor (SP) version 2.4.2 is required. Since this is a very old release this should allow most customers access.To integrate with VMware, the requirements are a little more stringent.  3PAR OS 3.3.1 is required, it will have to be under an active support contract, have the 3PAR communicating back to base, and have a service processor on 5.0 MU3. The initial release focuses on delivering greater insight into the performance of VM’s on the storage.  This is achieved by adding additional functionality to the Service Processor which will allow it to talk to the vCentre in your environment.  Once the 3PAR is setup with InfoSight, two key areas of information will be available:

  • storage information which today will be the same as information being retrieved from StoreFront remote
  • the virtualisation layer info being pulled back from vCentre.

 Information available will include:

  • key host storage performance stats – IOPS, latency and throughput
  • noisy neighbor analysis – various stats to identify which VMs are working your environment the hardest and potentially causing contention in the environment

Subsequent releases will support predictive analysis of complex problems, following up with automated preventative actions. This AI based functionality will continue to develop as it learns from every other installed system – approximately 50,000 worldwide.

Note: HPE will shortly be releasing InfoSight for 3PAR OSv3.2.2., making it available to 3PAR 7000 series customers. 

Please call us to discuss your client’s 3PAR environment, and the requirements to install InfoSight. 

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