HPE (and Lynx) have released LTO-8 Tape Drives and Automation

HPE and Lynx have released the next generation LTO Tape Drive (LTO-8), as a stand-alone unit and within autoloaders and libraries, further increasing the breadth of coverage of LTO tape drives. Tape remains the preferred method for off-site backup, with world-wide sales of tapes continuing to grow, with LTO being the de-factor standard for tape. 

The key features of the new HPE and Lynx LTO-8 drives include:

  • Tape capacity of 12TB (uncompressed) 
  • Transfer speed of 300MB/sec (uncompressed) – 1.1TB/hr
  • Increased maximum compression ratio from a typical 2:1 to 2.5:1 (data dependent)
  • Includes  features  introduced with previous generations of LTO drives
    • LTFS (linear tape file system) which provides the capability to “drag and drop” items to LTO tapes just as easily as you move files to a USB drive
    • Encryption (hardware based)
    • Speed matching optimizes performance and reliability
    • Support of Write Once Read Many (WORM) media for archiving
    • Backward read and write compatible with LTO-7 media

Tape continues to be the preferred and logical medium for offsite storage / archive. It’s economical, portable, sizeable (in capacity), and reliable. The future of tape, as witnessed by the commitment of the likes of HP and IBM to future generations of LTO drives, and the continued growing take-up of tape by the market, is clearly determined. It’s is, and will be for some time, highly relevant.

Lynx has been involved with tape since the inception of the first DDS drives, and is well positioned to assess when, where and how it fits.

Please call us to discuss your backup / recovery requirements. 

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