HPE (and Lynx) have released a highly scalable 32-Slot Library

HPE and Lynx have released the next generation LTO Tape Library, capable of scaling from 32-slots to 272-slots, and from 1 tape drive to 21 tape drives. 

The key features of the new HPE and Lynx 32-slot library: 

  • Expansion modules enable a 32-slot 3U form-factor to scale:
    • From 32-slots to 272-slots
    • From 1 half-height LTO drive to 21 half-height LTO drives
      • Each module is capable of housing 1 to 3 drives 
  • LTO half-height drives (LTO-6/7/8) from existing MSL2024, 4048 and 6480 can be repurposed into the new 32-slot library
  • Customer installable, scalable and serviceable
  • Intelligent, proactive and predictive reporting with HPE StoreEver TapeAssure Advanced
  • Available with data path and control path failover
  • The HPE Encryption Kit provides the simplest and lowest cost hardware encryption and key management

The modular design of the MSL3040 includes a continuous robotics feature to provide in-box scaling for higher performance, greater scalability, and higher reliability.

Lynx has been involved with tape since the inception of the first DDS drives, and is well positioned to assess when, where and how it fits.

Please call us to discuss your backup / recovery requirements. 

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