Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS)

HDPS is the fully featured OEM version of CommVault’s Simpana. While Lynx has access to and is able to supply the generic CommVault Simpana offering, we see two distinct advantages for our Resellers in selling HDPS:

  • there is a significant price advantage for the same fully featured product
  • it’s a form of lock-in for our Resellers

HDPS provides a granular and holistic approach to data management. It is one product that contains individually licensable modules – built on a single unifying code base and platform – to protect, replicate, archive, analyse and search the data. 

Lynx has invested to ensure we’re capable of:

  • assisting our Reseller partners to articulate the proposition
  • matching the various HDPS functions to specific requirements
  • configuring the most cost-effective solutions

Please call for assistance with configuring solutions and pricing. 

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