Can HDS port their success in Enterprise-Class Disk to the Mid-Range?

Josh definitely thinks so!

Josh Krischer, from Josh Krischer and Associates GmbH, a former VP of Research at Gartner, provides an insight into HDS’ HUS disk subsystem, covering-off the technology, functionality and competitive positioning in his latest White Paper focusing on the HDS HUS100 Series.

HDS is a defining Tier-1 performer in the high-end of the disk subsystem market, with numerous Tier-1 system Vendors having re-branded their offerings.  HDS’s USP(VM) subsystems dominate with a powerful blend of functionality, performance, reliability and strong local support.  The mid-range disk market, however, is quite a different market with considerable specialized vendors jockeying to take a position against the system vendors. 

So how does Hitachi Unifies Storage (HUS) stack-up in this competitive market? 

Read the White Paper and draw your conclusions.

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