The New HDS Unified Storage (HUS) Disk Subsystem - Enterprise Class meets Modular Mid-range meets Value

HDS has leveraged its highly recognised enterprise disk capabilities to produce an enterprise class, cost-effective, modular mid-range disk array.

Utilising the same management framework (Command Suite) as the rest of the portfolio, and many of the capabilities of the enterprise offerings, HDS has released a powerful new midrange storage offering with formidable properties, that include:
  • Highly scalable (up-to nearly 3PB)
  • Add NAS support as required (BlueArc which translates to performance)
  • Full Redundancy
  • Load-balancing active-active controllers
  • Supports up-to 1024 snapshots (with minimal system overhead)
  • Backed by HDS’ renowned local support
  • Load balancing Active / Active controllers
  • Cache partitioning and cache residency (for block)
  • Efficient and Proven Auto-tiering (borrowed from VSP)
  • Cache Extender (uses SSD as an extension of controller cache)
  • Dynamic Provisioning
    • Disk pools (wide striping, grow and shrink)
    • Volume migration
    • Thin provisioning
    • Zero Page reclaim
  • Auto-Tiering
  • Snapshots and Clones (a very efficient implementation) 
  • FC / iSCSI / CIFS / NFS
Cost Effective
  • Low capital cost
  • Frame based licensing
  • High density disk shelves (48 x LFF in 4U)
  • Scale capacity and capability as required

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